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5 kids hospitalized after eating illicit cannabis gummies

Published on July 21, 2021 by oz. staff

Police in BC say five kids were hospitalized after eating these black market pot candies.

Five children under 10 years old ended up in hospital after eating illicit cannabis gummies packaged in a colourful brand-knock-off wrapper.

The Victoria Police Department released a statement Wednesday along with photos of the bright cartoony ‘Stoner Patch’ cannabis gummy package—which bears an uncanny resemblance to Sour Patch candy bags.

The package contained 500 mg of THC. Legal edibles in Canada can only have 10 mg of THC per package.

Police say they were called to Victoria General Hospital on Friday, July 16.

“Officers learned that the children were attending a barbecue, when parents noticed the children had began acting oddly. The parents questioned the children, who told them they had found candy while playing in a room and consumed it,” say Victoria Police. “The parents investigated and upon discovering the ‘candy’ were THC gummies, immediately called 911.”

The children were observed then released, say police.

Police did not specify that the gummies eaten by the children were illicit—though they clearly were.

“The use of cannabis products is permitted under provincial and federal law in Canada. However, given the close resemblance of some products to non-cannabis products, officers are urging those who use cannabis products to safely store them out of the reach of inquisitive children,” says the statement.

Strict marketing restrictions in the legal industry ban this sort of branding.

No charges are expected.

Earlier this year, Mars-Wrigley announced it would be taking legal action against anyone making use of its trademarks to market and sell THC-infused edibles.

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