Craft cannabis from 7ACRES

Published on April 30, 2020 by oz. staff

Long known for its top-quality bud, BC will be the first province to sample ‘craft’ cannabis from 7ACRES.

Dubbed Craft Collective, the brand will release small batches of craft cannabis that 7ACRES says will be “hand selected” for specific provinces based on the preferences and unique tastes of cannabis consumers.

Pink Kush, which has been a consistent top seller in BC, will be the first small batch craft product to drop in the 3.5-gram format, and it will be available exclusively in the province.

“We’ve identified an opportunity to work with smaller, craft producers to quickly introduce new and exciting cultivars to consumers,” said Joel Toguri, Chief Revenue Officer at Supreme Cannabis.

“While we continue to expand our in-house growing capabilities, we have engaged small craft growers who have a passion for the plant to bring their cannabis to market under 7ACRES Craft Collective.”

Products will focus on high-THC bud.

The Craft Collective Pink Kush has “intense fuel notes, high THC and dense bud structure; a true designer pink.”

It was grown at an indoor craft facility in BC.

At $44.99 for 3.5 grams it doesn’t come cheap.

Besides Pink Kush in BC, 7ACRES hasn’t announced any other upcoming craft products, saying it’s still looking for small-batch cultivars with unique flavours, and exotic, ultra-pungent expressions of the plant.

To find out more information about 7ACRES Craft Collective, or its first limited drop and future products visit