Backwoods BC Bud first to join True Leaf’s ‘path-to-market’ program

Published on September 30, 2021 by Simon Gerard

Backwoods BC Bud logo
Photo: Contributed

True Leaf has launched their new “path-to-market” program for micro-cultivators with Backwoods BC Bud the first to join.

This program offers its members services such as quality assurance, regulatory guidance, microbial remediation, craft-compliant hand-packaging, and national distribution support. BC Bud is a Prince George-based micro-cultivation heritage farm, owned and operated by master grower Tara Kirkpatrick.

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“True Leaf’s path-to-market program is a solution to the many restrictions and obstacles which prevent micro-cultivators from bringing their products to market,” says Kirkpatrick. “True Leaf’s services and expertise will provide us with an efficient and economical path to market so we can focus on doing what we love – growing craft cannabis.”

Demand for local craft cannabis growing.

Andrew Gordon, Vice President of Strategic Growth at True Leaf, has seen plenty of demand for locally sourced, craft products, but notes small-scale growers face major challenges getting on shelves. To combat this, Gordon says their path-to-market program will open up opportunities that are difficult for craft producers to reach.

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“It is our opinion that micro-class licensing represents the fastest-growing segment within the federal system,” says Gordon, vice-president of strategic growth at True Leaf. “There are now more than 50 micro-cultivators licensed in British Columbia, over 200 across Canada, with hundreds more in the queue.”