Best buds in Canadian Cannabis Awards 2019

Published on November 14, 2019 by oz. staff

San Raphael ’71 dominated the flower category at this year’s Canadian Cannabis Awards.

Its Tangerine Dream won top sativa, while its Pink Kush took top indica honours.

Vancouver Island’s Broken Coast Cannabis won for top hybrid, while its Galiano, Quadra and Gabriola strains were finalists in their respective categories.

Edison, Aurora and Canna Farms also earned finalist spots.

For the full list of winners, including Keystone Labs which won Top Testing Lab and Valens which won Top Extraction Company, click here.

The winning people, brands and organizations are determined by a panel of expert judges, while the top products are chosen by consumers who submit receipts to validate their votes.

The awards cover 32 categories.

Lots of great photos of the black-tie gala here.