Vape life is chic life

Published on June 10, 2019 by David Wylie

Joints are so passé.

Vaporizers are fast becoming the chic way to ‘smoke’ weed.

Case in point: Four of Canada’s top cannabis producers have signed on to become “brand partners” with vaporizer brand PAX. They are Aphria, Aurora Cannabis, Organigram Holdings, and The Supreme Cannabis Company.

“We are excited about the coming changes in regulation that will allow us to cover new and novel products, like those delivered through the PAX Era platform,” says Darren Karasiuk, with Aurora.

This fall, edibles and concentrates will become legal in Canada, opening up the market to vaporizer cartridges with cannabis. Canadian cannabis companies are making all kinds of strategic partnerships so they don’t get left out.

The agreement with PAX — one of the more popular vape companies — means the producers can offer products from their brands in pods that are compatible with the PAX Era device, which will be available this year in Canada.

The PAX Era is a pen-and-pod system for cannabis concentrates. The four LPs in the deal will offer a range of products from full-spectrum extracts to distillates and live resins.

Supreme Cannabis’ flagship brand, 7ACRES, will launch its vape products exclusively for the PAX Era.

“As the market grows, we will continue to bring on more brand partners, offering our consumers a selection of products on the PAX Era platform,” says Tim Pellerin, the Canadian general manager for the vape company.

PAX has sold more than 500,000 Era devices for oil concentrates and over one million devices in the flower vaporizer category globally.