Bruce Almighty: Canopy CEO Bruce Linton ousted

Published on July 7, 2019 by oz. staff

It’s not often someone comes out of a public firing smelling like dank weed.

Yet Bruce Linton, recently ousted by Canopy Growth, seems to have avoided any kind of stank.

In fact, there is a sense of gratitude in Smiths Falls, Ont., where Canopy is based. The thankful community attributes Linton with helping to save the town by taking over the shuttered chocolate factory.

There has been speculation about where the Willy Wonka of cannabis will go next. Non-compete clauses in his contract point toward a possible move to the U.S. Some say he’s better suited toward public relations than CEO responsibilities.

He sure does know how to plug a company.

During his termination tour, Linton was wearing a T-shirt branded with Martello, a small Canadian tech firm (of which he’s currently co-chairman).

Martello shares have since tripled.


UPDATE: Aug. 20

There’s at least one person who’s confident about Canopy, despite the company’s tumbling stock following the release of its latest quarterly results.

Canopy’s former CEO Bruce Linton says he’s buying more stocks, capitalizing on the recent dips. Warren Buffet would approve.