CBD can help ease menstruation symptoms: study

Published on March 25, 2022 by Jenny Neufeld

A study by Canopy Growth has found a high dose of CBD can ease menstruation symptoms.

CBD can offer relief for symptoms related to menstruation, according to a study done by Canopy Growth’s research team.

“Studies have shown that individuals report using cannabis to help manage their menstrual-related symptoms – however no study had been conducted that examined the efficacy of cannabinoids in this area,” says Dr. Marcel O. Bonn-Miller, Canopy Growth’s vice-president of human and animal research.

As most of us learned in health class, there are a variety of symptoms that often accompany the monthly menstruation event— both physical and psychological, including bloating, cramping, irritability and increased levels of stress.

In the study, 40 participants were given two doses of CBD a day for five days starting on the first day they experienced any of these undesirable symptoms. They measured the results for six months against a baseline month without CBD.

The reduction of symptoms was significant with a daily total dose of 320mg.