Crystal clear water-soluble cannabis

Published on November 20, 2020 by oz. staff

The Valens Company continues to push cannabis innovation.

While many struggle with drinks that leave a noticeable taste, Kelowna-based Valens has announced ‘Clear Emulsion’ to the SōRSE by Valens offering of CBD isolate product formats.

“It might not look like much, and that’s exactly the point,” says Valens. “This new emulsion technology transforms cannabis extracts into crystal clear water-soluble forms with a minimal sensory profile to infuse beverages, edibles, and topicals without a cannabis aroma and after-taste.”

Valens CEO Tyler Robson says access to the highest quality cannabinoid emulsion technology is critically important to creating top-tier offerings.

“We have made great strides revolutionizing many of our product lines with SōRSE by Valens, including more mature formats such as tinctures, and the addition of SōRSE Clear will only deepen our ability to innovate a diverse portfolio of products for the forthcoming 3.0 market,” says Robson.

Howard Lee, the CEO of SōRSE, called it “a game-changer” for the cannabis industry.

“We have no doubt that The Valens Company will harness this technology to continue to formulate the most innovative, premium cannabis-infused products for Canadian consumers,” he says.