Verse water-soluble drops are about to hit the market

Published on January 7, 2021 by David Wylie

Those who like to mix cannabis drops into their drinks will soon have a new option.

Verse Cannabis has added water-soluble THC and CBD drops to its expanding product line. The brand also offers vapes, concentrates, and oils.

All are made by The Valens Company in Kelowna, B.C., produced under a custom manufacturing agreement with Verse.

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The drops come in 20ml bottles and are easy to dose with.

“Consumers may blend the two separate products to create a customized THC/CBD ratio that offers a consistent and controlled user experience,” says a news release. “Two drops of the premium, reinvented cannabis extracts equal approximately either 1mg THC or 1mg CBD.”

A similar product is produced by VeryVell.

The Verse drops can be mixed with food, water, and non-alcoholic drinks, or ingested directly orally or sublingually.

They are formulated using SōRSE by Valens tech, and they’re said to by free of cannabis colour, flavour, and odour.

Verse THC drops are currently available online and at certain retailers in Alberta, with British Columbia and Ontario to follow soon. Verse CBD drops are expected to be available online and at select retailers in the first quarter of 2021.