Episode 6: High in 5 minutes?

Published on February 24, 2021 by David Wylie

Do they get you high in five minutes? We try Being’s sublingual THC strips. PLUS, Weed stocks got extra wonky recently; our guest, author Corinne Doan, explains why. AND, Not only do we podcast, we publish a magazine.

Episode notes

Jenny and David start off Episode 6 by using discreet and fast-acting 10-mg THC oral strips. We document the journey throughout the podcast from a touch of oral discomfort to craving M&Ms.

We talk about our freshly published Vol. 1, Issue 2 of the oz. magazine. Watch our social media for where to find it near you. [10:00]

Check-in No. 1 with Jenny (she’s toasty) [16:00]

David talks to guest Corinne Doan, the author of Canadian Cannabis Stocks Simplified, about the wild world of cannabis investing. It’s even wilder when Reddit’s WallStreetBets gets involved. [17:00]

Check-in No. 2 with Jenny (she’s really feeling it) [31:20]

Photo: the oz.