Liht gets lit

Published on February 24, 2019 by oz. staff

Lighting hundreds of thousands of square feet of cannabis plants can get expensive.

Liht Cannabis Corp, which has a headquarters in Kelowna, has chosen to use Agnetix A3 liquid-cooled LED lighting for its British Columbia cultivation facilities, including those in the Shuswap and Chase.

“Our cutting-edge facilities draw a tremendous amount of power for lighting and HVAC systems. With the Agnetix system, we expect to see an immediate cost reduction in our energy bill and a more efficient operation,” said Richard Huhn, Director of Liht.

The company that developed the lights said the savings could result in a lower cost to consumers.

“This unique, highly-efficient technology aligns perfectly with the Liht vision to deliver low-cost organic cannabis to the world,” said Dr. Ihor Lys, founder of Agnetix.

Interior BC footprint

Liht recently announced a massive 486,000-square-foot high-tech indoor cultivation facility in Chase, BC.

That facility is also taking extra steps to be energy efficient. It’s the first organic cannabis facility of its kind, equipped with a cogeneration system as an alternative way to create power.

Liht is also in the Shuswap. The company has a 40-acre site in Celista, near Salmon Arm, where a 100,000-square-foot operation is under development.

Photo: Agnetix shows off its lighting at an event in Los Angeles. Credit: Instagram