Most potent CBD product on the market

Published on December 17, 2021 by oz. staff

Glacial Gold has released the most potent ingestible CBD product on the market.

Its Distilled CBD 200 Oil is a first in Canada, with the highest amount of CBD in a single unit at 5700mg, each drop providing about 6mg CBD.

It’s produced in British Columbia and retails for $80 a bottle.

Glacial Gold’s CBD distillate goes through a patented extraction process that includes multi-stage refinement, purification and distillation. It’s combined with organic MCT oil.

The company has also released other formulations, including a THC oil and a balanced blend.

Glacial Gold’s parent company, Nextleaf, has been issued 10 US patents for its methods and technology, including processes used in its automated closed-loop, chilled-alcohol extraction plant at Nextleaf Labs in BC.

Breaking into the Top 10

Glacial Gold products have only been on the market for 90 days, yet they’re already breaking the top 10 in BC, placing No. 7 in oil sales and No. 8 in vape cartridges, according to BC Cannabis wholesale sales data.

“Glacial Gold is capturing market share with our portfolio of large format vape and oil products,” says Nextleaf co-founder and CEO Paul Pedersen.

“By leveraging Nextleaf’s competitive advantage producing low-cost, high-purity distillate on an industrial scale, we are able to offer Glacial Gold CBD and THC products at disruptive price points.”

The company has shipped products to Saskatchewan and has received its first purchase order from Nova Scotia.