New Jersey votes to legalize recreational cannabis

Published on November 3, 2020 by oz. staff

New Jersey's state capital dome reflects sunlight. The state is projected to overwhelmingly approve recreational cannabis.

Move over New York, your next door neighbour New Jersey just became a cooler hangout.

In what is set to become one of the biggest cannabis markets in the US, New Jersey has legalized recreational cannabis.

With about 65% of NJ voters in favour a constitutional amendment, lawmakers in the state will soon pass legislation laying out how cannabis will become part of New Jersey life.

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The change will raise the stakes for neighboring states New York and Pennsylvania, as New Jersey is expected to become one of the largest weed markets in America.

Exciting news! New Jersey voted to legalize marijuana! New Jersey will no longer spend $143 million on arresting people for marijuana,” says the Drug Policy Alliance.

The organization worked for two decades toward legalization in New Jersey.