Okanagan CBD lied about its name, and much more

Published on November 4, 2021 by David Wylie

Unlicensed products from Okanagan CBD Photo: Instagram
Okanagan CBD says it's under investigation for selling unregulated CBD products.

An unlicensed company selling unregulated CBD has admitted—among other lies—that its name, Okanagan CBD, is a sham.

The company says they’re facing “a multitude of allegations” over their CBD products.

In a message sent to customers from the email address the company uses to receive e-transfers, Okanagan CBD says “currently undergoing an official local investigation.”

They admit they are not based in Kelowna, rather they make and ship all of their products out of a home office and kitchen in Calgary.

“We understand we have been lying to our customers about this. But in terms of the law it’s important you understand we are in fact based in Calgary and do not have any offices or operate in Kelowna. We have lied about where we operate so we were able to market ourselves ‘Okanagan CBD,’ as that helped rank us higher on google pages, which in turn produced more sells for us.”

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Okanagan CBD tells customers they are being forced to close their doors while they’re investigated, and that they won’t be able to sell again until they’re fully licensed.

However, it appears they are still taking orders. We made it though the checkout process all the way to entering credit card info.

“We do not hold any license to sell, manufacture, produce, or market CBD. We previously, wanted to get our license, however it is very expensive and we have not been able to. Due to this we were forced to operate as a black market company,” they say.

They say they hope to be fully licensed and back up and running in October of 2022.

Photo: Contributed

Okanagan CBD also says they’re accused of:

  • buying and selling customers emails, personal addresses and contact information
  • growing CBD in Canada
  • false advertising
  • selling fraudulent products

They say they sent out the email to clarify things because their customers may be contacted by investigators.

“It is out of our hands if you are contacted and I apologize for any problematic scenarios this may put you in personally or your business in. If you would like to talk to one of our lawyers please let us know,” they say.

“It is with a very heavy heart that we sent out this email. Again we apologize for the lies and the abuse of your trust. To our customers we are sorry.”

The letter is signed “With Warm Regards” from the Okanagan CBD Management Team.

It’s posted in full to the r/CBD subreddit.