On Halloween, government warns about all those stupid potheads

Published on October 31, 2022 by David Wylie

Kids are out trick or treating Photo: Adobe Stock/the oz.
Make sure you don't accidentally give away your stash this Halloween.

Halloween has the BC government scared that stoners are going to “accidentally” give their expensive cannabis to kids.

In a news release titled, “Help keep trick-or-treaters safe from cannabis this Halloween,” the provincial government says people should check their kids’ candy bags to make sure they don’t get an unintended surprise.

“Illegal cannabis often comes in bright and colourful packaging designed to look like popular candy that kids love to get this time of year,” says Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth.

“It is also important to remember that legal cannabis products can still be attractive to children, and it’s critical for people to put away, lock up and safely store any cannabis products they may have been using – especially edible varieties that could look enticing to young children.”

Sure it’s good to be vigilant—as year after year, undoubtedly, some idiot will throw (probably unlicensed) edibles into a kid’s candy bag and the national media will pick up the story.

However, the yearly tradition of warning parents that stupid potheads are going to slip their stash into some stranger’s pumpkin-shaped candy catcher smacks of reefer madness.

It propagates stereotypes that should be long dead, communicating that people who use cannabis are:

A) Dumb

B) Irresponsible

C) Out to harm others

There’s no warning in the government press release for parents to look out for Bailey’s filled chocolates.

Handing out cannabis candy to kids is also expensive.

We did the math.

Assuming $7 a pop for cannabis gummies, if an average household were to get a visit from 50 trick or treaters this year, then handing out cannabis candy to all those unsuspecting kids would set you back $350.

Who’s got that kind of cash to burn in this economy?



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Updated on Nov. 3 after some idiot threw unlicensed edibles into candy bags in Winnipeg, and, of course, national media picked up the story

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