Smoke some Tommy Chong curated cannabis

Published on September 29, 2021 by David Wylie

Photo: @tommys_craft_cannabis on IG

Curious what Tommy Chong smokes?

You’ll soon get to find out.

A Canadian cannabis company says it will start selling weed curated by Cheech and Chong legend, Tommy Chong.

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Tommy’s Craft Cannabis is led by his nephews, Josh Wong and David Epp.

“We spent years preparing for this launch, waiting for the right cultivation partners who could offer unique legacy genetics and old school processes that met Tommy’s standards,” says Wong, co-owner and president.

“We’re delighted to be the first brand in Canada to offer a craft product from someone as experienced and respected as Tommy.”

3 celebrated legacy strains

Tommy’s Craft Cannabis will launch Dosi Punch, Cherry ‘47, and GGGrapestomper, all legacy strains with high THC and terpenes.

With the catch-phrase ‘Get Legendary,’ Tommy’s will offer craft-designated flower and pre-roll products in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan in October 2021.

There’s no date yet for BC.

Grown by Candre Cannabis

Tommy’s holds a partnership with Candre Cannabis, an indoor craft cannabis production and processing facility in Sundre, Alta.

Calgary-based RGB Group announced the official launch of the company.

The company says that “unlike most cannabis products currently available in Canada,” Tommy’s uses minimalist and eco-friendly packaging that’s reusable and biodegradable, limiting single-use plastics in the industry.

They also say terpenes and minor cannabinoids—like CBG and CBN—will be listed on the package, in a bid to increase product transparency.

Tommy Chong hinted to on Twitter

Tommy Chong’s tweet back in January 2021, saying “I feel that we will be there in the very near future,” foreshadowed the announcement.

Chong said he was struggling because of strict measures in The Cannabis Act against celebrity endorsements.

A Canadian himself, Chong, 82, was born in Edmonton and grew up in Calgary. He built a career in entertainment, spending time and creative energy in Vancouver—where he eventually met Cheech Marin. The duo hit mainstream success in the 1970s and 1980s with their stand-up comedy routines, studio recordings, and films. They featured the pair’s love for cannabis.