Ounces prove popular at Glenmore Cannabis

Published on December 3, 2021 by oz. staff

The staff at Glenmore Cannabis Photo: Contributed
The staff at Glenmore Cannabis

It’s easy to see what’s selling at Glenmore Cannabis in Kelowna.

“Ounces and craft weed for sure,” says general manager Ron Halwa.

“This area is just ounce central. Once we get things in that are new, they just fly out.”

The low-priced All Purpose Flower and Pure Sunfarms are among the most requested.

Halwa says Glenmore Cannabis usually keeps around 300 different types of flower in stock, but during the current supply-chain interruption, has dropped to about 140 due to delays from the BC Liquor Distribution Branch.

Photo: Contributed

Something for seniors

Halwa says many the 100:1 CBD oil from Floresense is a bestseller. It sells for just under $40, and 10% off for seniors. It’s a sublingual oil.

“The seniors are catching on; they love that stuff,” he says.

As for edibles, he says he’s looking forward to White Chocolate Eggnog chocolate from Back Forty.

Vortex CBD gummies have been selling well, he says.

Bedfellows Indie Pals are a popular drink, and actually taste like beer, he says.

Halwa says Glenmore Cannabis’ delivery service has been popular throughout Kelowna.

“We’re everywhere in town,” he says.

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