Redecan’s God Bud to be discontinued

Published on February 4, 2021 by David Wylie

The last batch of God Bud by Redecan is about to roll out.

Redecan is harvesting its last batch of God Bud, the oz. has learned.

Company co-founder Will Montour says in an interview the Ontario-based LP will be introducing two different strains in its stead.

“We’re discontinuing God Bud. The last batch is coming off soon,” he says.

“You won’t see God Bud anymore, but we are introducing two new very exciting strains—very promising genetics. They’re flowering as we speak.

“Fingers crossed this might be some of the best stuff we’ve ever grown.”

The LP produces about five strains at a time.

Montour tells the oz. crowd favourites, including Wappa, Cold Creek Kush and Outlaw aren’t going anywhere. They’re staples.

He says the bottom two positions will always be swapped out.

“It was just time for God Bud and Shishkaberry to go,” he says. “They ran their course. All good things come to an end.”

As for the two new strains…

“I’ve learned the hard way not to talk about anything until it’s literally on the shipping floor ready to go,” he says.