Shreddies taps cannabis crowd with ‘Wheat Dispensary’ in Toronto

Published on June 9, 2022 by David Wylie

The inside of the Shreddies Wheat Dispensary Photo: Contributed
The Shreddies Wheat Dispensary will be open for a limited time only, with complimentary cereal samples for consumers who visit the pop-up.

They may not be puffed wheat, but Shreddies is definitely taking its marketing to a new high.

Cereal brand Shreddies is latching on to the cannabis craze and opening a “Wheat Dispensary” in Toronto on Queen Street. The storefront has a cannabis shop feel.

Calling the cereal the “ultimate edible” in its pun-laced news release, Shreddies invited Torontonians to “start their mornings on a high note at the world’s first wheat dispensary.” Inside the location at 311A Queen Street West, visitors can sample “a variety of whole-wheat Shreddies strains to suit any mood and enjoy a feel-good day.”

There are a over a dozen weed shops on Queen Street in Canada’s biggest city battling it out for customers.

Photo: Google Maps
Cannabis stores on Queen Street include heavy retail hitters such as Cookies, Value Buds, Tokyo Smoke, as well as smaller independent stores.

“Over the past few years, hundreds of cannabis stores have popped up all over the city. You can pretty much find a dispensary on every street corner,” says Amy Bernstein, senior brand manager at Post Consumer Brands Canada.

“We wanted to introduce Torontonians to a dispensary unlike any other—one that would help fuel their day. That’s why we’re so excited to launch the first-ever wheat dispensary. There is no actual cannabis involved—just the 100% whole-wheat goodness of Shreddies breakfast cereal. What better way to discover the ultimate edible than through a delicious bowl of Shreddies?”

The Wheat Dispensary will be open for a limited time.

It has its own website at

Outside of the Shreddies Wheat Dispensary Photo: Contributed
The outside of the world's first wheat dispensary at 311A Queen Street West in Toronto.