That’s a lot of stoned purchases, Canada

Published on April 23, 2020 by David Wylie

I’ve had to give myself a shopping ban for a while because I would order too many things while high. And apparently, I’m not alone…

Stoned Canadian shoppers have dropped about $1 billion into the Canadian economy — buying all kinds of things.

According to a survey by, nearly one in five Canadians (18%) admit to shopping while high at least once in their life, with an average spend of $187.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, food was the number 1 category high shoppers dished out for, with about 60% of purchasers saying they’ve satiated their munchies with online orders.

Clothing and shoes was the next most popular category, with just over a quarter of high shoppers (27%) making this type of purchase.

In third place was more weed and cigarettes at about 23%.

Other popular purchases included DVDs and movies, gambling, and tech products.

A few tokers even bought a pet (5%), which Dean Millard at The Cannabis 101 Podcast and I agree is NOT COOL.

B.C. took the top spot for average dollars spent at $390. Nova Scotians ($279), Quebecers ($236), Albertans ($143), Ontarians ($114) and Manitobans ($88) followed.

The survey polled 1,213 Canadian adults last October.