The strain name game

Published on June 10, 2019 by oz. staff

The BC Cannabis Store website has started matching strains to sometimes cryptic product names.

That means we can now easily see, for example, that Doja’s Utopia is Shishkaberry. Or that Soleil’s Sense is actually Sour Kush.

Here are a handful by Broken Coast.

Also new in The BCCS, the first exclusive strains from Kelowna-based THC BioMed are now available.

West Coast Dream and Atomical Haze are stocked.

Westcoast Dream by THC BioMed

Along with these two strains, THC BioMed has an agreement with the BC Cannabis Stores to supply 3.5-gram and 7-gram formats of Original Cheese and Jacky White. They also supply four Landrace strains: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD-Indica.

“We are proud that our products will be featured in our home province of BC. We continue to strive to produce cannabis products that are pure, clean and potent,” says CEO and president John Miller.

The company plans to launch THC Kiss, a pure organically produced cannabis beverage, when regulations permit later this year.