The Valens Company adds legacy brand, Gallery, to its portfolio

Published on July 2, 2021 by oz. staff

Angelina Blessed

The Valens Company has struck a deal to manufacture cannabis drinks and edibles for two of Gallery Brand’s flagship brands, Blessed and flir.

Gallery is founded by legacy owners and plans to offer a portfolio of brands under its umbrella.

“Through this partnership, we are not only helping bring legacy brands to the regulated market in Canada but also meeting the ever-evolving needs of consumers looking for new health and wellness and culinary-inspired cannabis products in two fast-growing product categories in the market,” says Valens CEO Tyler Robson in a statement.

“This partnership builds on our balanced portfolio of custom manufacturing agreements with brand houses looking to offer differentiated cannabis products to Canadian consumers across a range of categories.”

The Blessed brand, founded by Angelina Blessed and inspired by her career as a professional Muay Thai fighter, offers health and wellness focused cannabis products containing elements essential during intense athletic recovery.

The flir brand, created by chocolatier and culinary enthusiast Riley Starr, celebrates exceptional ingredients alongside the experience of cannabis edibles, bringing epicurean cannabis-infused products to discerning food-forward consumers.

Gallery also features the Little Farma and Calla brands.