TreeHugger cannabis brand taps into environmental roots

Published on February 1, 2022 by oz. staff

Are you an environmentally conscious cannabis connoisseur?

You’re the target customer for TreeHugger.

Kelowna-based licensed producer Avant Brands is launching the premium sun-grown certified organic pot product—first in pre-roll format, followed by flower.

Company founder and CEO Norton Singhavon says TreeHugger sets a new benchmark in the organic cannabis market.

“By producing a product to a certified organic standard, Avant again raises the bar for new brand innovation while delivering on the high quality we are known for,” says Singhavon. “While other companies offer organic flower, Avant chooses to set the pace and create a new industry standard with our ambitious goal of producing the most environmentally sound product on the market.”

TreeHugger is currently available in Ontario.

Avant’s other recreational brands also include BLK MKT, Tenzo, and Cognōscente.

Under TreeHugger, it will offer Organic King Tut flower in a 10-joint pack (three grams total).

The company says it uses sustainable, all-natural bamboo cones that come in 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council-certified boxes. The bag inside and humidity pack are both biodegradable.

Even the labels are hemp-based.

“From growing, to packaging, to consumer experience, we have put an eco-lens on Treehugger that sets us apart from others in the organic cannabis market,” says Singhavon. “By debuting a line that is not only certified organic, but also eco-friendly, Avant is pushing the envelope as to what consumers expect from the industry.”

Tree enthusiasts

Avant says it’s partnered with One Tree Planted by contributing to the their cause. With each case of TreeHugger sold, Avant says it will contribute to tree-planting efforts in provinces carrying the brand.

“Over the past years we have seen the devastating effects of global warming in British Columbia, specifically the recent forest fires in our hometown, Kelowna, which impacted many of our friends, families and employees,” says Singhavon.

“At Avant, we know planting trees is one of the best ways to sustain our planet and we are proud to support One Tree Planted and their on-the-ground reforestation efforts.”

Trees are planted by local partner organizations and community volunteers in areas impacted by deforestation.