Voluntary recall for White Chocolate Diamonds flower

Published on December 2, 2021 by oz. staff

Photo: Instagram

Kootenay’s Finest Organic White Chocolate Diamonds are under recall.

Agro Greens Natural issued a voluntary recall this week for Shelter Craft’s 3.5-gram dried flower product due to reports related to the possible presence of mould.

Lot 21040FL is affected, with bags packed Aug. 30, Sept. 7, Sept. 13, and Oct. 7.

The company says it received recent test results that confirm the affected lot is not in line with Health Canada’s microbial limits.

“Although our investigation is ongoing, out of an abundance of caution we have elected to initiate a Voluntary Recall of LOT 21040FL effective immediately,” says Agro Greens Natural in its recall notice.

The product has been receiving good reviews to this point.

This is a ‘Type 2’ recall, which means exposure may cause temporary adverse health consequences and the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote.

Mould can result in allergic symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny nose or nasal congestion, and watery eyes or itchy eyes.

“To date, neither Agro-Greens nor Health Canada has received any report of a serious adverse reaction relating to this product,” says the notice. “Customers should immediately stop using this product.”

You can contact the store where you bought it to arrange a return.

Photo: Instagram