Drink maker HYTN adds cultivation licence

Published on June 17, 2022 by David Wylie

HYTN drinks on the production line Photo: Contributed
HYTN has secured a licence to cultivate its own cannabis.

Cannabis drink maker HYTN has now received a licence to grow its own supply.

The company says it applied for the licence because it’s having trouble securing good enough quality cannabis for its products.

“While sourcing dry flower and downstream cannabis form factors for our infused cannabis products, we have asked our suppliers to only provide inputs that meet HYTN’s exacting specifications,” says Jason Broome, HYTN’s COO.

“Consistently finding inputs that meet the standard has been a challenge. However, through that challenge, we have found an opportunity to further advance our mission of elevating the cannabis experience by controlling where it begins, specifically with the cannabis plant itself.”

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Broome says the company now plans to partner with Okanagan-based cannabis breeders to create a library of cultivars.

“Okanagan cannabis breeders and the cultivars they have created are elite and among the best in the world,” he says.

HYTN’s CEO Elliot McKerr says controlling cannabis cultivars, as well as their cultivation, curing and processing, is key to “elevating the cannabis experience” for consumers.

“Securing a cultivation license allows us to build our tissue culture program in our Kelowna facility. We see this as core to entrenching HYTN as a leader of cannabis innovation and ensuring superior and elevated cannabis experiences every time a consumer chooses the HYTN brand,” he says.

The license amendment from Health Canada allowing for the cultivation of cannabis, adds to the company’s array of licences, including Standard Processing License, a Research License, and an Amendment for Sale of Cannabis to provincially and territorially authorized retailers.

HYTN currently has a couple of drinks on the market.