You can now legally buy and have more cannabis drinks

Published on December 10, 2022 by oz. staff

Photo: the oz.
Cannabis consumers can now buy more cannabis drinks with increased limits coming into effect from Health Canada.

Not only can you now buy a six-pack of cannabis drinks, you could buy 48 at a time—if you have that kind of money kicking around.

Health Canada has announced that several regulatory changes are now in force, perhaps most notably increasing the number of cannabis drinks people can buy at one time and legally have in public.

“Adults in Canada are now able to possess up to 17.1 litres (equal to 48 cans of 355 ml each) of cannabis beverages in public for non-medical purposes, which is up from approximately 2.1 litres (equal to five cans of 355 ml each) under the previous rules,” says Health Canada in a news release.

Health Canada notes the increase brings cannabis drinks in line with limits on other edibles, such as gummies and chocolate.

The BC Cannabis Stores website has not yet been updated with the new limit, continuing to cap drink orders at five.

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Health Canada also announced changes to how it regulates non-therapeutic cannabis research with human participants, helping make the process of conducting this research easier.

It will also allow analytical testing licence holders and federal and provincial government laboratories to produce, distribute and sell reference standards and test kits, to increase access to cannabis testing materials and thereby support access to a quality-controlled supply of cannabis

And Health Canada will broaden the educational qualifications for the head of laboratory, a position that is required for an analytical testing licence and is responsible for all cannabis testing activities that happen at the site.

The changes took place after significant consultation.