Assorted edibles

Published on April 2, 2020 by Special to the oz.

Contributor Kelsy Charrette reviews some of the cannabis edibles available.

Houndstooth and Soda by Tweed: For all of my carbonated water friends this soda is pretty good! Just add ice.

Edison Truffles: Absolutely amazing. They really perfected the recipe. I will be buying them again.

San Rafael ’71 Blasberry Soft Chews: Great taste, a little on the sour side. Will buy them again.

Aurora Raspberry Soft Chews: At first they taste like plastic, then the raspberry taste kicks in. I would buy them again, but not a first choice.

Foray Vanilla Chai Chocolate: Amazing again, great chocolate. I was given the idea of putting it in coffee; will be trying that.

Decaffeinated Peach Ginger Green Tea by Everie: Amazing product, tastes amazing hot and cold. I steeped all three bags in a kettle, drank half warm and half cold. Sweetened with honey. By far the best infused tea I have had.

Basecamp CBD Iced Tea: I had high hopes in this drink and I turned out disappointed…  It tastes like someone dipped a teabag in water for about 30 seconds. It has very little taste.

Tweed BakerStreet Mint: I’m not into the mint flavour, decent chocolate since it’s made in an ex-Hershey chocolate factory.

Chowie Wowie by Highpark: Pretty decent chocolate. I love how the chocolate has he option to snap in half. I would buy it again.

Foray Salted Caramel: By far my most favourite. The flavour is amazing! Five-star in my opinion!

Kelsy Charrette is a Hello Cannabis product consultant in Ontario. Follow her on Instagram @yourgirlkelsy.