Banana Havana Blunts by The Loud Plug

Published on May 5, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

Banana Havana is excellent at first impressions.

The Loud Plug’s stubby blunts have a great name, a bright yellow package that’s attention getting, sweet earthy smells bursting from the bag, and delicious dry pulls.

Wrapped in chamomile leaf, the two 0.75-gram blunts are rolled to perfection and filled with potent Peanut Butter Breath flower.

Then it burns. At first, nicely with well-compacted light grey ash and a smooth flavour. But about halfway through the taste becomes off-putting, like a sour greasy banana.

The overall experience was good until it wasn’t. Putting out the joint halfway through felt wasteful; though two of us shared it and we were both decently baked.

They are 27.9% THC and cost about $25.

We’ve also tried The Loud Plug’s Guava Biscotti blunts and the Benny Blunto.

Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids out of Scarborough, Ont., is the producer.