BC Black Cherry by Flowr

Published on April 9, 2021 by oz. staff

This 24.7% THC Indica is beautiful

Its smell and flavour is fruity, with some peppery notes.

First impressions are important. Flowr’s BC Black Cherry comes in a fancy blue glass container, and the bud inside is worthy of the vessel.

Grown in the Okanagan Valley, where cherries are a main crop, it’s fitting that Flowr got this strain so right. Released at the crest of the cherry craze in the cannabis market, this indica is sweet smelling and potent.

When we first got it, the buds were dense and sticky, packed less than a month before purchase. The buds have since aged nicely. With about one gram left from the eighth, it crumbles with some pressure into soft frosty bits, ready to be sprinkled onto rolling papers.

It vapes at a low temperature with decent clouds.