Big Red (Indica) pre-rolls by Fraser Valley

Published on July 14, 2023 by David Wylie

An open box of Big Red (Indica) pre-rolls Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Big Red (Indica) pre-rolls may be the least expensive pre-rolls on the market, but they don’t look or smell like it.

The Original Fraser Valley Weed Company, a.k.a. Pure Sunfarms, is behind this red French fry box full of classic looking cone joints.

At $35 for 20, the 0.5-gram joints cost $1.75 each, making them an overall solid budget pre-roll option.

This is described as an Indica. The strain info is left off the package label, likely because It’s a rotating product.

The peppery smell is strong as soon as you tear open the bag. Inside the bag is a box, packaging overkill.

Big Red (Indica) pre-rolls are long and skinny rather than short and fat like some of the other 0.5-gram joints on the market.

They burn slow and consistent with dense light gray ash.

So what’s wrong with them? Their Achilles heel is the way they smoke. They’re rolled tight, and no matter how much you try to loosen it up, it still feels like you’re sucking through a clogged straw. It’s nearly impossible to get a satisfying pull.

Still, it’s not a fatal flaw because once the head rush from trying to get hits off it subsides, you do feel high.

Big Red (Indica) pre-rolls are good for people with lower tolerances and for those who want to get a bit high and still be fully functional. They’re an excellent option for those seeking bulk convenience at basement prices and don’t mind weed grown in giant greenhouses.