Chocolate Fondue by DNA Genetics

Published on February 28, 2019 by David Wylie

Chocolate Fondue by DNA Genetics (Tweed) is a notable 23% THC and glows like a highlighter.

I bought it based on the significance of the name, Chocolate Fondue. Since Tweed is based in the former Hershey factory in Smith’s Falls, Ont., I thought it fitting the plant would produce a chocolatey weed. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I cracked open the container to find not even a hint of chocolate. Instead, the strong odour of pine and tweed.

As for effect, this is a strong strain by LP standards, at 23%, compared to most I’ve tried that are at at 15%. This strain highlighted the difference that THC percentage can have. Normally, sativas are consistent smooth sailing for me, uplifting and focused. Chocolate Fondue, on the other hand, is a mouth-numbing tempest. It’s unpredictable, making me feel both anxious and energized, productive and couch-locked, relaxed and panicked — sometimes all in the same two hours.

Remember, the way it affects you may be different from me. I found it an adventure, but one I wouldn’t necessarily want to be on regularly.