Mango Haze by Color

Published on July 12, 2019 by David Wylie

Sticky and sweet, mmmm Mango Haze.

This 3.5-gram order from newly branded Color (formerly WeedMD) was full of squishy, dense buds, including one of the nicer sized ones we’ve gotten from LPs.

The sativa-dominant, high CBD offering is $28.99 for an eighth in BC. It’s a fair price for the product. Mango Haze has Northern Lights lineage. Buds are dark green and resinous, with a good peppering of orange pistils.

It’s a fairly balanced strain, with 5% THC and 8.5% CBD. Terpenes are Cymene and Linalool.

The effect is calming and sociable. They don’t linger on for hours, instead easing into a clarity. Do expect to get hit with a serious case of munchies.

I know this shouldn’t be a complaint, but it’s so gooey that it gets caught in the grinder.

Solid buy.