White Chocolate by Pineapple Buds

Published on November 4, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

With its dark purple buds and gorgeous orange hairs, White Chocolate by Pineapple Buds looks delicious.

The Sativa-dominant, 27% THC flower has 3.34% terpenes, including Beta-Caryophyllene, Selina-diene, and Limonene.

I’m not familiar with Selina-diene, but some describe it as hoppy, ginger, and/or curry-like in smell.

While the White Chocolate smell isn’t overly potent, with my nose in the bag, it has an earthy scent with a bit of sweetness. It’s reminiscent of my spice cabinet.

The weed comes in a yellow bag that’s branded by BC Black. There’s a Boost pack inside to keep moisture.

There were three nice sized buds inside. The orange hairs really pop against the dark bud, but they’re also nicely caked in white. The weight was a nudge over 3.5 grams. It grinds up nice with some good resistance to the turns.

The smoke is real nice and it burns light grey.

In my Mighty dry-herb vapourizer, it gives big clouds starting at low temperatures.

Grown by Oliver, BC,-based Pineapple Buds, this flower has the perfect balance of trademark sweetness and careful cultivation we’ve come to expect from the micro.

It’s packaged and distributed by Joint Venture Craft Cannabis. This lot was bagged Sept. 9, 2022. I bought it from Spiritleaf in Penticton for about $40.