Redees by Redecan

Published on July 16, 2020 by David Wylie

Pre-rolls haven’t really enticed me.

I can roll half-decent joints, so pre-rolls have never been a practical purchase. The ones I’ve bought were expensive and rolled solely as big baseball bats that flame up like a candle and often burn black.  

Then I heard about Redees and got intrigued. I bought a pack of lower-THC White Widow, discovering they are exactly what I’ve wanted from a pre-roll.

They’re fancy, rolled like thin cigarettes that you’d see fashionable old-timey ladies smoking. They burn reliably even and the rolled up cardboard filter is designed just right.

They’re small enough to label ‘after-dinner pinners,’ making the lighter ones a good social time.

I’ve since tried Cold Creek Kush and Outlaw; both are heavy-hitters, especially for someone who mainly vapes.

The Outlaw have a notably nice spicy smell.  

It’s also worth mentioning the packaging. They are boxed conveniently with foil that keeps them generally fresh. They can get harsh if left unsmoked too long.

Maybe it’s time to invest in a humidor?

Recommendation: Try these!