Sherbet Mints 11 by Dunesberry Farms

Published on January 13, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Sherbet Mints 11 pre-rolls from Dunesberry Farms are well-rolled, decently priced, and pack a punch.

Grown in Kamloops, BC, Sherbet Mints 11 is an Indica-dominant flower that’s high in THC at 34.3%.

The terpene total is on the package, 2.14%, but it does not note which ones are dominant.

Three 0.5-gram ‘dogwalker’ joints come in the tube, handled and packaged by BC Black.

They cost under $20.

The joints are longer and thinner than the usual short and stubbies.

They’re all nicely rolled.

The smell is sweet and skunky. The sweetness comes through in the smoke and can be tasted in the resin on the lips.

It smokes smooth with light grey ash, giving a bit of a tickle in the sinuses.

The effect hits fast and settles heavily on my head like a hat.


At about $6 a joint these BC craft cannabis pre-rolls are heavenly high in THC. I would try more like this.