Slash pen by Stonesmiths

Published on October 29, 2020 by David Wylie

The Slash is designed by Canadian company Stonesmiths.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to hit cannabis concentrates, the Slash by Stonesmiths is a solid option.

Disclosure: I’ve been intimidated by dabbing. It can be prohibitive to a newbie like me, as it looks more like a science experiment than a way to catch a buzz.

My first time was with the Slash; this new dab pen designed by Edmonton-based Stonesmiths managed to ease my entry into the world of concentrates.

Its thoughtful, well-designed packaging hints at what’s inside. The pen is lightweight but solid. The magnetic mouthpiece, which has a built-in dab tool, is one of my favourite features.

The concentrate pen can be used with cannabis concentrates, waxes and distillates.

With flavourful hits from its ceramic bowl, the Slash has been a smooth experience so far.

There are lots of extras hidden at the bottom of the box.

The pen comes with an extra loading tool, a spare silicone mouthpiece, a heat protector band, a Type-C cable, and instructions. They are hidden at the bottom of the box under a foam square, so don’t throw them out by accident.

It communicates through a pattern of LED lights that are reminiscent of the PAX Era. They tell how much battery is left and temperature of the unit.

The vape’s battery is charged with a USB-C port on the bottom. It takes about an hour to fully charge the battery from 0 to 100%.

The top cap is isopropyl safe, so once the silicone mouthpiece is removed, that part can be soaked in alcohol for a good clean. Concentrates get sticky.

The Slash rings in around $75-$100, depending on where you buy and if you have a discount code. They come in three types: gunmetal, stainless steel, and matte black.

It’s such a discreet way to get high fast, and only a few hits go a long way.

Inspired by Men In Black

Levi Hornak, who’s with Stonesmiths, told the oz. in an interview the company’s founders spent a year designing the device before releasing it this past summer.

“The idea came from the designer and the CEO. They were smoking dabs out of a competitor’s pen and they were watching Men In Black,” says Hornak. “So if you notice the design of the Slash, it kind of looks like the Neuralyzer.”

He says the main designer got fed up with the other pen gunking up that he figured he would try to make a better device.

The name comes from the mouthpiece, which looks slashed.

“If you use an e-cigarette or if you use another concentrate device, a lot of people tend to hold it horizontally as compared to vertically. That will make your concentrates leave the heating element and can cause that burnt taste,” he says. “We made it very apparent you should hold this up vertically.”

They brought prototypes around to different shows and it took off, selling across Canada.

Hornak predicts concentrates will take over the market in the next few years, and a simple pen is the best way to start. That way people don’t need to purchase a dab rig, butane torch, nail, and all the other bits and pieces needed to take dabs the traditional way.

There are three more designs in development.

He says that concentrates do feel a little weaker when vaped through a pen, rather than a rig.

Tips on using the Slash

  • 5 clicks will turn the unit off or on.
  • 3 clicks will change temperature settings—the colour of the LED in the fire button will indicate the temperature setting. Blue being the lowest. Green is the middle setting. Red is the hottest setting.
  • If you hit the fire button twice it will go into “auto” mode which will heat the device for 12 seconds. When using the device I will hit the Auto mode while on my preferred setting let it heat up, then hit it again while inhaling for the full 12 seconds for a beautiful hit.
  • Those new to concentrates I would probably not inhale for the full 12 seconds, start with a small dab, size of a grain of rice.
  • You can also start inhaling about 4 seconds during the first “heat up” auto fire session we recommended. I just like to have mine ready to go for a nice large hit this is why I pre heat it for the full 12 seconds.