Orange Tingz by Herbal Dispatch

Published on September 15, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

My half-ounce of Orange Tingz from Herbal Dispatch was an admittedly tough one to review.

I don’t think I got it at its best, but it was a good example of the challenges faced by cannabis customers who sometimes shop blind.

As regular readers may know, cannabis with a juicy orange pop is a personal favourite—rivalled only perhaps by that sweet blueberry snap. And Orange Tingz sold under the Pistol and Paris label, as well as early batches of Tangerine Dream from San Rafael ’71 have been a couple of my favourites from the legal market over the past four years.

Disappointingly, Herbal Dispatch’s orange smelling buds fell short of both those offerings, with the disclaimer that this was slightly aged when I bought it—and smelled and tasted even older than what was disclosed on the label as the “packaging date.”

Good and bad of Herbal Dispatch 14-gram Orange Tingz

On the bright side, Orange Tingz from Herbal Dispatch has a decent orange smell, but it was tinged by a stale musky odour. The buds, though trimmed quite nicely overall, were dry in the bag despite the humidity pack, and they were a touch brown. In fact, it needed a few weeks in a glass jar with a Boost to bring it back to life.

Now that it’s had some time to rejuvenate from its initial flattened and dried-out state after more than half a year sitting on the shelf of my local brick and mortar store (as well as however long it sat in storage before being packaged), the bud seems to have a bit more juiciness to it.

As for the experience, it burns a dark shade of grey with some black ash. I felt the effect both in my body and my head.

Herbal Dispatch’s Orange Tingz has a nice flavour to it; but again, it was stale and harsh smoking it after I first opened the bag.

Overall takeaway from Herbal Dispatch’s Orange Tingz

This really is a lesson on how important it is to buy your dry flower fresh. I still paid full price for this, which in retrospect is disappointing. At one point in time I considered just giving away the 13 grams I had left.

I would try something else by Herbal Dispatch, but I would be sure to check the packaging date.

It also did feel older than what the packaging date had on it, so that makes me wonder when the actual harvest date of this was and whether it’s been sitting around for a long time before ever making it into these bags. That’s the sentiment that many reviewers have expressed in the past, that harvest dates should also be added to the labels to ensure that weed isn’t just sitting in the vault somewhere.

TL;DR on Herbal Dispatch’s Orange Tingz

The orange smell comes through, but it also has a stale musk. The buds were a shade brown, squished flat and dry despite the humidity pack included in the bag. The first smoke was harsh, but after some time in a jar with a Boost pack got better.

In the end, getting a large format pack that seems stale straight out of the bag feels bad.