Sorbetto by Carmel

Published on August 18, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Expectations were high with Carmel.

It’s not available in B.C. so while in Ontario I made a point of seeking it out because of its good reputation.

As a fan of Limonene, I chose Sorbetto from the LP’s lineup. (I also considered Drew’s Pheno, which was suggested by a couple budtenders. But you can’t buy everything!)

This Indica-dominant cross is 25.2% THC.

Opening the bag sucks. I had to cut it open with scissors. No amount of ‘pinching,’ ‘sliding,’ nor ‘pulling’ could get it to give up the goods.

Once open though, the smell was instantaneous: citrusy sweet and oh so potent. The bag was sealed with a hit of nitrogen to keep the bud fresh.

There was also a boost pack inside. I transferred it all immediately into a glass jar—handy to have around for the prepared pothead.

There’s a lot of info packed onto the back of the bag, including breeder (Aficionado in California); lineage (Zkittlez, Magnum Opus, and Sunset Sherbert); terpenes (Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Farnesene); Appearance (bright green, purple hues, orange hairs); Aroma & Flavour (gas, honey, cream), and more. It also says it’s “never irradiated.”

This has all the trimmings of craft. Bag appeal is nice; there are a few smaller nugs and bits included, but the crown-jewel of a bud was close to two grams and nicely trimmed.

It was all sticky, dense and crystal covered, and it gave some good resistance in the grinder. Once milled, it had a lovely sweet aroma with bright lime.

It rolled good and burned evenly, with darker grey ash and had it did have me coughing a bit. Mostly though it was smooth.

Grown in Ontario, Carmel’s Sorbetto is on the pricy side at about $50. Still, this is a worthy treat.

Here’s more info on this strain from Carmel’s website