Summit 10 by The Valens Company

Published on January 20, 2021 by David Wylie

Summit 10 Lemonade Iced Tea from The Valens Company is lemony fresh, with a Nestea vibe.

It’s made with black tea, and only contains seven grams of sugar in each 355 ml bottle.

Valens’ Sorse Emulsion Technology really shines through Summit, as there’s no cannabis taste or smell at all. The onset is quick.

I was enamoured with the packaging and logo, which has mountains with a little flag at the top of it—a real BC feel.

Summit 10 packs 10 mg of THC and less than 1 mg of CBD.

These will be perfect when the summer hits and you’re looking for an easy and refreshing drink. Beware; they are easy to chug back.