Tangerine Dream & Hash Soda by Sheesh

Published on April 5, 2024 by David Wylie

Cans of Tangerine Dream and Hash Soda by Sheesh are pictured. Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

The trouble with cannabis drinks is that even the good ones are just mediocre.

Take Sheesh drinks; for cannabis bevies, they’re among the best in class. But if you compare them to any other kind of drink, they’re lacklustre.

Sheesh Tangerine Dream Live Resin Fizz doesn’t have much orange flavour to it, and it smells artificial and tastes almost watered down. Along with a funky aftertaste, it also leaves an oily feeling that coats the tongue.

On the plus side, this drink is perfectly fizzy and easy to swig back.

The Black Cherry Hash Cola is better tasting, but it has the same icky oily coating as its ‘orange’ counterpart.

Then there’s the matter of effect. Cannabis beverages don’t seem to be the best delivery system for a weed buzz.

Both Sheesh drinks have 10mg THC each. Yet two of them had a negligible effect; whereas, two Blips (the same dose) hit very heavy.

And at $8 a pop, two cans of Sheesh cost me nearly $20 for sub-par soda that doesn’t have much of an effect.

Overall, there isn’t enough value here to justify the cost.

Like many cannabis drink options, these are produced by Peak Processing.