Ghost Train Haze by Color

Published on August 9, 2019 by David Wylie

Visually speaking, this is the least impressive order I’ve received from Color cannabis.

The order I received from the BC Cannabis Store is mainly smaller buds that look haphazardly machine trimmed.

Ghost Train Haze is a strong 20% THC sativa-dominant hybrid. I felt it right away in my sinuses. The tight, tingly sensation was followed fast by a dry mouth and a bit of dizziness, as the sensory experience kicked in. It gave an energetic high, perfect for a nice walk.

So far everything I’ve ordered from Color has been a good quality buzz. However, the visual appearance has been a little hit and miss. Like with food, half of the experience is enjoyed by the eyes.

Ghost Train Haze is OK. If you want to delve into Color’s offerings, I’d suggest Pedro’s Sweet Sativa or Mango Haze first.