Field notes from readers

Published on January 17, 2019 by oz. staff

Here are a few thoughts from our readers on strains they’ve tried. Email your cannabis tasting notes to [email protected].

Pink Kush, Moonbeam, Tangerine Dream, Kinky Kush

My two favourite were the Moonbeam by Tweed and the Pink Kush by San Rafael ’71.

The Pink Kush whooped my ass, body, and mind. I was quite head high and I believe I took a nap.

As for the Moonbeam, this one was awesome. No fogginess at all, great painkiller effects.

The Tangerine Dream was decent. Nothing really stood out about it, but there was nothing bad to say about it. I liked the taste of it. Possible to cook with, perhaps.

Kinky Kush by Liiv helped me focus but I couldn’t remember anything for the rest of the day.

– JB

THC Biomed and Ace Valley sativa

THC Biomed Landrace hybrid is very mild to start, and then the energy kicks in. I got a lot done around my house; I cleaned out cupboards and drawers that needed to be done. Thanks, I needed the energy!

THC Biomed Ladrace indica made my body and mind so relaxed. I catnapped all day. I would use before bed to shut my mind off and relax the body to have a great sleep!

Ace Valley sativa by Flowr was nice for my body aches, yet gave me energy so I was able to move with not much pain.