Utopia and Elation by Doja

Published on February 14, 2019 by David Wylie

the oz.
Utopia, left, and Elation are pictured side by side.

Doja’s handcrafted cannabis is picture perfect.

We ordered a gram of both Utopia and Elation from Kelowna-based producer, Doja.

Both indica-dominant strains share a taste that’s smooth and light.

However, they are distinct in effect and colour.

Utopia is one of the most beautiful and elegant buds we’ve yet received. The colours are rich hues of deep green and mocha. The trim is artistic. The appearance is like a dragon with graceful wing-like leaves.

It’s labelled as just under 14 percent THC.

For us, it had a heavy, sleepy effect that’s great for winding down at nighttime.

Elation is a lighter toffee colour.

It absolutely sparkles in the light. Breaking the bud apart reminded me of cracking a wafer bar.  It gave wonderful active high that made it fun to do repetitive tasks.

It’s a little stronger at 18 percent THC.

Highly recommend trying both. We’ve since put in a bigger order of Utopia.


On a personal note

I got to meet these plants (or at least their relatives) in early 2018 as they grew at Doja’s West Kelowna grow operation.

I was there for a tour for a feature story on the legal weed supply chain published in Okanagan Life.

Toured by the company founder Trent Kitsch, famous for Saxx Underwear, it was my introduction to the world of legal cannabis. The experience was part of what rooted the idea for the OZ.