Zen Oil by EarthWolf Farms

Published on April 7, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Suddenly high. That’s how it is with Zen Oil.

A few times I took a decent dose of EarthWolf Farms’ tincture and then forgot about it. Two, three, sometimes even four hours later—boom, super high.

It has a really nice effect, mellow and spaced.

Zen Oil is especially great in the evening, when I found myself melting into bed.

It’s made with fresh bubble hash and has 28.4mg THC per ml dose.

It’s high in Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene.

The little bottle comes in a big cardboard tube with bubble wrap. Frankly, it’s a lot of packaging for a company that’s focused on sustainability.

The tincture is a mix of coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and cannabis extract. It has a mild cannabis flavour.

I take oils with food, as I find they can otherwise upset my stomach.