Live Rosin Softgels by Simply Bare

Published on April 19, 2024 by David Wylie

A bottle of Simply Bare Softgels Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Live Rosin Softgels by Simply Bare feel about as much like smoking a joint as you can get without actually lighting up.

There are 30 full-spectrum capsules in the bottle; they’re 10mg THC each, for 300mg THC total in the bottle.

While these are on the pricier side for this type of product at $35, the effect is warm and fuzzy.

When it comes to dose, personally, one is chill, two is buzzed, three is stoned.

The softgels are made with Simply Bare’s organic-certified cultivars, and they start with hand-trimmed flower grown in living soil, then pressed into live rosin and packed into softgels with hemp seed oil.

They’re FVOPA Organic Certified and manufactured by Blue Sky Hemp Ventures.

Overall, Live Rosin Softgels by Simply Bare give the warm and fuzzies and make for a chill time without inhalation.