Weekly newsletter from February 10

Published on February 10, 2023 by oz. staff

⚠️ Doja dodges bullet

Canopy Growth is laying off 60% of its workforce and shutting down production at 1 Hershey Drive. PLUS, Which eighth’s packaging is the worst offender for plastic use? AND, Purple Punchsicle 💜

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Here are the week’s Quick Hits, Newswire, and Dad Jokes…

Quick Hits

🏛 IOU: The Flowr Corporation owes the District of Lake Country over $35,000. (Okanagan Journal)

🛒 Hard times: Cannabis chain once worth $1.7 billion and called the ‘Apple store of weed’ is now nearly failing (Fortune)

💄 Just say no: Amsterdam bans cannabis in its red light district (BBC)

🚘 Bad mistake: Driver charged with cannabis impairment after passenger is run over (Calgary Herald)

💸 Oof: Aurora Cannabis records $67.2 million net loss in second quarter (Financial Post)


Spinach Becomes the Number One Edible Brand in January

Cannabis Wiki Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Consumer & Brand-First Technology Platform, Weedpanion

Heritage Cannabis Appoints Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer

HEXO Increases Production of Its Popular Straight Edge Pre-Rolls

New Survey Reveals Majority of American Adults Plan to Use or Gift Cannabis This Valentine’s Day

SNDL Expands Retail Network via Conclusion of Superette Group’s CCAA Proceedings

Dad jokes

I asked a girl for a date and she said I had a face like the back of a boat
I didn’t reply but I gave her a stern look.

A cute vegan girl asked me out the other day. I am really nervous…
…because I have never dated herbivore.

What did the elephant say to the naked man?
How do you breath through that tiny thing?