Weekly newsletter from March 3

Published on March 3, 2023 by oz. staff

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Endocannabinoid receptors are found throughout most of the human body.

🧠 Our endocannabinoid system

We look at the endocannabinoid system, which is integral to a properly functioning immune system. PLUS, Cannabis was seized by Machiavellian means. AND, Nostalgia 🌱

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Here are the week’s Quick Hits, Poll, and Dad Jokes…

Quick Hits

😮 They can sell what? Premier ‘astonished’ at B.C. firm’s claim it got Health Canada approval to make and sell cocaine (CBC)

🚪 ‘Now is the time’: Surrey Board of Trade calls for city to open its doors to cannabis industry (CTV)

🌇 Lounge rules: Las Vegas approves cannabis consumption lounge rules (MJBizDaily)

🛒 1st store: North Vancouver gets a weed store, despite community opposition over criminal concerns (North Shore News)

👥 Underrepresented: Indigenous cannabis entrepreneurs underrepresented in Canada, data suggests (MJBizDaily)

🚌 They see me rolling: Colorado’s first licensed cannabis-consumption bus rolls out this week (The Denver Post)

🥊 Letter: Does Jamaica need to protect its cannabis interests from Canada? (Jamaica Observer)


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Regular polls on Twitter @okanaganz

About 1 in 10 people buy the same thing when they shop at cannabis stores.

This recent poll on Twitter suggests 44.2% of cannabis consumers have no brand loyalty and buy different products every time they shop.

Another 44.2% get a mix of new and old.

Dad Jokes

Me: “Honey, what’s today’s date?”

Wife: “March 1st.”

Me, marching around the room: “Okay, what’s today’s date?”

Do you know why Snoop Dog uses cast iron pans?

For sizzle.

Did you know Jesus drove a Honda but didn’t talk about it?

John 12:49 “I have not spoken of my own Accord”