An elevated stay at Hi Point Guest Ranch on Vancouver Island

Published on August 5, 2022 by Bradie Sparrow

Photo: Contributed
Hi Point Guest Ranch is an excellent accommodation for cannabis-friendly tourists.

As usual, I found our latest adventure on Instagram. While scrolling along, I saw a video created by Necole of Faded Living featuring a ‘High’ B&B located on a legal cannabis farm.

Hi Point Guest Ranch is situated on the same property as Dabble Cannabis, an outdoor production facility, 10 minutes from the Totems in Duncan, BC, on Vancouver Island.

Since Matt and I were already Island-bound for the Victoria Grow Up conference in June, we decided to spend a few days up Island as well. Hi Point has two guest suites and some BC friends were able to join us for the stay.

The guest suite at Hi Point is beautiful with every detail on point. The rooms are spacious with plenty of comfy furniture for lounging or hosting. Natural light pours in the ample windows, which provide stunning scenery in every direction. Guests enjoy a large outdoor patio for smoking, plus an indoor banquet is provided with papers and every rolling accessory needed to get things lit. The beds are comfy, the shower is strong, and the kitchen is well equipped with anything you could possibly need.

Our suite was on the second level and outdoor stairs are required to enter. There was a second suite inside the main house (which I did not see) where two other adults stayed as well.

I cannot put into words just how hospitable and welcoming the Davis family is. We had ‘met’ Alannah through a couple of messages online, but we were basically strangers upon arrival.

After quickly dumping our luggage in the suite, we brought a spread of groceries down to the beautiful lake, located right on the property. There’s a dock, plus a sheltered fireplace with a dining area and bar.

Doug Davis, dad and owner of the property, was preparing a fire for us while Alannah and mom, Joy, cleaned and arranged. Resident boss, Cooper the golden retriever, eagerly greeted us and our groceries with his companion Winston. We spent several hours that evening visiting and enjoying the beautiful setting before Alannah toured us through the cannabis facility.

Dabble Cannabis has a free standing greenhouse plus outdoor fields. Their production building is under construction and will include a security office, processing and preparation space, as well as cold secure storage.

The business is family owned and operated also offering hay and beef sales. Everything here is done by hand and the plants are raised in living soil under the gorgeous Cowichan sun using an irrigation system to keep them fed.

Recently, Alannah messaged that they have received their first purchase order from the province of BC. You can look forward to seeing Dabble’s first product, Dabbleberry Live Rosin made from their Blueberry Cream plants in BC retail stores middle of August.

Waking up on this farm was incredibly peaceful and serene. If you’re lucky, you may even catch the horses cuddling in the morning or see Doug driving around on his tractor getting chores done. Our friend has mentioned he may host his wedding there next summer. Also worth mentioning is the riding barn on the property, a huge space available for whatever your mind can dream up.

You may book a farm tour or a stay of your very own by visiting the Dabble or Hi Point Guest Ranch websites.