Game of Stoned: Weed worthy of Westeros

Published on May 2, 2019 by David Wylie

Watching Game of Thrones is the perfect way to spend a high.

If only there were weed worthy of Westeros…

Here are five fictitious strains we wish we could smoke before watching Game of Thrones.

5: Hodor’s Sweet Sativa

An homage to simpler times, Hodor’s Sweet Sativa will give you a boost of strength — but will leave you stuck in your own head, only comfortable uttering a few words to the people around you. THC: 20%

4. Lannister Gold

It has odd genetics and the buds are a little weird looking, but the effects of this hybrid always pay off. Lannister Gold hits with a cerebral high that will make you the life of the party. THC 14.5%

3. Khaleesi Kush

Prepare for some serious munchies… and the strangest food cravings. It makes you sloppy, yet people fall in love with this indica because it’s fire. Khaleesi Kush has uplifting effects, followed by peaceful couch-lock. THC 15%

2. Night King Dancehall

The first thing you’ll notice is the pungent smell. Buds are frosty like a car window on a January morning. The high-CBD strain takes away those physical aches and pains and brings you back to life. THC 7%, CBD 12%

1. Direwolf (Chemdawg)

Furry buds with long wiry hairs. Chemdawg is already known as a highly potent sativa, but Direwolf tips the THC scales. Beware cannabis newbies, this cross-bred cultivar gives an extra big high that’s a little wild. THC 26%

What fictitious Game of Thrones strain would you like to see? We’ll give away an oz. baseball cap to the best response. Email [email protected].