By The Ounce: Episode 1

Published on January 6, 2021 by oz. staff

We launched a podcast!

What better way than to hit record while enjoying all four flavours of Quatreau cannabis-infused sparkling waters.

Overall throughout our flight of drinks, we liked Tweed’s offerings. They come in two types – CBD (20 mg) as well as THC/CBD 1:1 (2 mg).

The two THC drinks were the best tasting to us, as the CBD ones were a little bitter.

Jenny and David banter over the details in Episode 1 of our very own ‘By The Ounce’ podcast.

Listen in…

Episode notes:

  • Intro—a wonderful sound.
  • David and Jenny from the oz. kick back with all four flavours of Tweed’s Quatreau cannabis-infused sparkling waters.
  • First, we tried cucumber + mint; the smell is bang on and the taste is alright.
  • Next we tried ginger + lime, it’s close to a Moscow Mule.
  • Third, passion fruit + guava, which was not great; our least favourite.
  • Ending with Blueberry + Acai, an excellent berry finish.
  • Thanks and cue the outro.

(We are currently hosted by Simplecast; look for us in coming days also on your favourite podcast services.)

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